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Mental Health Resource

The Department of Health works closely with the Department of Education to ensure both physical and mental health of our students. To help this our school is part of a Mental Health Consult Program. Each month our consultant shares resources dedicated to certain mental health topics. This months focus was depression. If you have any concerns about depression or sadness with your child please check out the file below. Depression can effect even young children so it is a good idea to know some of the signs. 

depression in children-Dec 2017.docx 


Throughout the month of November the counselors will be providing class lessons on internet safety.  To support this at home, take a look at the tips attached below for how to  monitor your child's social media and internet use.  

Social Media and Internet Safety-Nov.docx 




Sometimes students have a hard time thinking positive about themselves throughout the school day. Here in school we would like to help students develop a growth mindset. We want students to realize that through hard work they can grow and succeed as learners. Even mistakes are something to embrace as they can become a valuable learning opportunity.  However,  after being challenged by class work sometimes students need a few extra words of encouragement to stay positive during the learning process.  Attached are some easy notes you may want to include in your child's lunchbox or school notebook. We know they would love to get support from you to compliment the support they are already getting from their teachers. 

positive mindset-notes.pdf 



Dear Families,

Our Health and Wellness Assemblies these past few weeks went really well. Our nurses shared important information on nutrition, personal hygiene and dental health with the students. Ask them how properly wash their hands or how often to change their toothbrush to see what they learned. We hope this helps keep your children healthy during the coming Flu season. 

Our next topic of Focus in November is going to be Internet Safety.  We will be presenting lessons in the classrooms based around this topic. 

We hope to continue working with you.

Your School Counselors

Ms. Callender and Ms. Kump 


Next week we have scheduled our first Health and Wellness assemblies for our 4th and 5th graders. These assemblies will be conducted with the help of our School Nurses. The assemblies will focus on topics such as nutrition and hygiene. We are putting on these assemblies for our students because we know that when our students are healthy they come to school everyday ready to learn.