Mission Statement

Our goal is to educate all of our children to “be the best they can be.” Every individual is worthy of our respect and deep consideration. We celebrate our unique differences while focusing on the development of academic rigor, technology, creativity and social emotional intelligence. We provide a structured and creative environment that promotes deep thinking and transferable skills to prepare students for effective problem solving in our changing world. THE P.S. 13 collaborates as a team of teachers, staff members, parents and administrators to make a difference in the community.

Vision Statement

THE P.S. 13 is a collaborative learning community wherein the parents, students, and staff members have a voice and responsibility in the continuous shaping of and adherence to high expectations, processes, and systems that ultimately result in the social and academic growth of every student.

  • Afternoon and Evening Parent-Teacher Conferences for elementary schools and Pre-K Centers

    Afternoon and Evening Parent-Teacher Conferences for elementary schools and Pre-K Centers; students in these schools dismissed three hours early

    PS013 (31R013) M. L. Lindemeyer
  • Town Hall Safety Meeting

    Town Hall Safety Meeting: Friday, March 8, 2024 at  8:45 AM in the P.S. 13 Library.

    PS013 (31R013) M. L. Lindemeyer
  • PTA meeting

    PS013 (31R013) M. L. Lindemeyer
  • SLT meeting

    PS013 (31R013) M. L. Lindemeyer
  • Easter Weekend, School Closed

    Easter Weekend, school closed: March 29-April 1

    PS013 (31R013) M. L. Lindemeyer
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Town Hall Safety Meeting Memo 3/8/24


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