Mr. Paul Martuccio, Principal

Ms. Jaclyn Dalessio, Assistant Principal

Ms. Danielle Nola, Assistant Principal

Ms. Valerie Panzella, Assistant Principal

Vision Statement

P.S. 13 is a collaborative learning community wherein the parents, students, and staff members have a voice and responsibility in the continuous shaping of and adherence to high expectations, processes, and systems that ultimately result in the social and academic growth of every student.

  • PTA Elections

    PS013 (31R013) M. L. Lindemeyer
  • Memorial Day, schools closed

    PS013 (31R013) M. L. Lindemeyer
  • SLT Meeting

    PS013 (31R013) M. L. Lindemeyer
  • Dance Fete

    PS013 (31R013) M. L. Lindemeyer
  • Students No School

    Clerical Day, K–5, K–6, 6–8, and K–12 schools and D75 programs, students in these schools do not attend

    PS013 (31R013) M. L. Lindemeyer
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  If you need any passwords, logins or assistance for your children please contact 

Please be sure to include your child's name, class, and a phone number in the email. 

2022 Summer Rising promotional banner featuring 3 kids outside the new york city department of education logo and the department of youth and community development logo


This summer, DOE and DYCD plan to serve a record number of students through Summer Rising, a free, safe, and fun academic and enrichment program for NYC students currently in grades K-8. 

We encourage families to apply early to secure a spot at their preferred location. Enrollment is quick and easy, and it can be completed from any device with an internet connection.

This year, families can submit one enrollment per child, so please choose your site carefully. You can enroll at any Summer Rising location with seats available for your child's grade band (K-5 or 6-8). Many schools will be located in a different building for the summer; if you are unsure where your school will be operating Summer Rising, contact your school or view the building list posted further down on this webpage.

If your child has a 9-digit OSIS (student ID) number, make sure you have it on-hand to complete your enrollment.


How to Enroll to Summer Rising 2022 from NYC Public Schools on Vimeo.

Welcome to G&T Admissions!



THE Public School 13 High-Flying Schools Award

PAL After School Program



1: Click "After School Program", Then click "search"



2: Check "afterschool Program" and type 10305 to Search

3: click add to list and apply through your account


UAU Afterschool Program


At the following link is the UAU application

Registration Information and Health Information Forms 1.pdf  

Medical 2021-2022.pdf  

Registration 2021-2022 1.pdf  

and website 

as well as a copy of the UAU handbook. Info 2021-2022

As well as a link to where families may go to see if they will qualify for a voucher.  This is the link for the voucher




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