Counselor's Corner

Online Safety

During November, counselors will be providing all students with information on how to be safe when using the internet. We want to share information and activities with you at home. As we all know, students are using technology now more than ever. They play games, learn and socialize using technology. It can be difficult to monitor what they are using and knowing how to speak to children about potential dangers they may come across. Some big words we talk about are private information, digital footprint, cyber-bullying and media balance. We recommend looking through resources below to reinforce certain safety measures with your children. The website Common Sense media also has specific information for each app your student may be using to teach you more about it and safety features you may not know about.  There are also some fun games where students can learn more about these concepts. You might want to even play them together as a family! 


Common Sense Media

Be Internet Awesome

Interland Online Safety Games

Common Sense Media Games

NYC DOE Digital Citizenship 

Respect Earns Trust

For the month of October, the theme is Trust! We are also beginning discussing Respect for All! One way we earn trust is through respecting one another. Important questions to ask goes as follows, "what does respect look like? sound like? and feel like?" Allowing your child to understand Respect through multiple lenses, while relating it to the theme of the month. The Guidance Department looks forward to engaging in conversation with the students to give everyone a voice!

 looks-like-sounds-like-feels-like-chart_46409 1.docx 


NYC DOE information regarding Respect for All Citywide Initiative


Parent Workshops

We are sharing FREE workshops from the Child Mind Institute. These are for all caregivers on a variety of topics that can help you support your children in school or at home. These are scheduled these workshops through the next few months. See below for for information on dates and topics. Click the links below to go to The Child Mind Institute's website and register there. These workshops are currently available in English and Spanish. 


Supporting the Back-to-School Transition


Promoting Positive Behaviors at Home
Stress Management for Caregivers
Supporting Your Child’s Academic Growth


Promoting Social-Emotional Wellbeing
Building and Supporting Executive Functioning Skills
Understanding Mental Health: When to Worry and How to Help

Click here to see more information and register!

Back to School is here!

As we welcome you and your children back we want to let you know which counselor you can expect to be working with based on your children's grade. We are so excited to get started supporting each family in any way we can. 


Ms. Ling will be working with our Kindergarten and 1st grade families. Feel free to reach her by email at

Mr. Cruz will be working with our 2nd and 3rd grade families.  Feel free to reach him by email at

Ms. Kump will be working with our 4th and 5th grade families. Feel free to reach her by email at

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