October is Bullying Prevention Awareness Month

To celebrate Bullying Prevention Awareness Month we will be wearing blue on Friday October 25th. On this day students in the upper grades will be participating in No One Eats Alone day during their lunch period. At this time they will be encouraged to sit with students they do not normally sit with. Our Student Leaders are working right now to come up with more activities for this day to help promote unity in our school. 

At home you may want to look into some of the resources provided below. They will outline some of the different aspects of bullying with a large focus on cyber bullying and internet safety. As technology has become such a big part of day to day life it is important you are aware of how to keep your children safe online. 

 7 Bullying Intervention Tips for Families-.docx 

 Cyberbullying_Unplugged_2014 1.pdf  

smartphone_safety 1.pdf  


 Protecting_Your_Kids_Online_2_0_EN 1.pdf 

Welcome Back!

Take a look at the resources below to learn about the importance of good attendance in schools. As we start our year we want to create good habits to support ongoing success all year long.  

This fun video is something you can watch with your child and it emphasizes the importance of showing up.  

Attendance Pep Talk


These resources from the NYC Department of Education will tell you more about the potential consequences poor attendance can have on your child's education. 




If you are concerned about your child's attendance and are looking for support please reach out to the guidance department at any time.  


- Your School Counselors