Our snack sale and Smencil sale will be held on December 7, 2018 during the children’s lunch period.  An assortment of snacks for $1.00 and Smencil’s will be sold from $1.00 -$8.00, a few new items will be available smens scented pens, keychains, stickers, crayons, and pencil cases. We are asking parents of the younger grades, Pre-k-2nd grade to please send an envelope marked with your child’s name and exactly what they are purchasing the day of sale. Example: Childs name 1 snack and 1 Smencil.

The funds collected from these sales will be used to provide class room supplies and other educational materials to enhance our children’s education.

 CLICK HERE  for the flyer that was sent home with your student!  


Smencil Price List

Smencils $1.00      Troll pens $4.00
Gel crayons $1.00  Troll 3pk pencils $4.00
Smickers $1.00 Tsum Tsum scented pens $4.00
Smens $3.00 Backpack buddies $5.00
Fruit keychains $3.00  Assorted character keychains $5.00
Mechanical pencils $3.00 Plush scented pencil cases $6.00
Scented erasers $3.00 Rubber scented pencil cases $8.00



Starting December 4, 2018 the PTA will be selling

 “Winter Wonderland Goodie Bags”

 Each bag will have an assortment of Holiday goodies; there will be no candy in the bags.

All bags are gender neutral and for all ages.

Each bag will cost $5.00.

The bags will be distributed the December 20 & 21, 2018.